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I’ve worked in the Irish healthcare system and in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries overseas. I’ve lived much of my life in mainland Europe and Asian countries and regions.

My pharmaceutical studies in Ireland didn’t prepare me for the wide diversity of health and illness I encountered in places as different as Germany, Austria, Korea and China. There are some genetic differences between countries, but nothing too major. What we eat and do has the most profound effect of all. I owe much to the friends, colleagues and mentors, especially in China, who led me to my current understanding of healthcare.

NutriCentric is my attempt to join some of the dots between good health and what you do (and don’t do) on a daily basis. I'm not knocking conventional medicine - I'm on the inside of that particular tent. But I can't accept that nutrition, exercise and lifestyle are still considered 'alternative' i.e. somehow lesser practices. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Nutricentric Shop lists products – some for the general public, some for health professionals only, some for nearly free – that may help you take more control of your health. Some are mainstream; some are more ‘alternative’. All are backed by controlled clinical studies or by a combination of study data and experience.

Health is what you do on a daily basis. Start with a Plan.

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