Food Detective

Do you suffer from Food Intolerances? With just a finger-prick blood sample, you can do the entire test at home. Affordable. Reliable, Quick.

Note: This product can only be shipped to addresses in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland

The affordable (and quick!) home blood test that helps you design an Elimination Diet Plan for Food Intolerances. After an initial 12-week Elimination phase, you carry out a careful Food Re-Challenge, taking individual offending foods again. Some level of rationed future exposure is often possible. Re-challenge tells you if, and how much.

• Costs €79.95 plus €4 for P&P
• Or get three tests for €210 plus €10 towards P&P
• Takes under an hour to complete
• Screens for antibodies against over 50 foods.
• We can also arrange for you to be tested with the South Asian food panel . This may be more appropriate if you eat a diet whose ingredients are, on balance, closer to India or Pakistan or if you are vegetarian. Add a comment when paying if this version is more appropriate for you. Or e-mail
• Nutricentric is the exclusive distributor of the Food Detective range on the island of Ireland. Delivery normally takes 2-3 days. We can only ship to the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.
• You are welcome to ask questions before and after the test, including on how to take a blood sample. We can also refer you to a nutritional therapist if you need a ‘personal shopper’ or help preparing a new menu. E-mail anytime.

See how easy it is to do the test. Click on the picture below!

NOTE: If you find the idea of taking blood and doing the test too daunting, we can refer you to one of a network of pharmacies trained by Nutricentric or to Nutritional Therapists (North and South) who can, for an extra €40-50, test you with the health professional version of the test (Food Detective Pro)

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