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Vitamin D Test (post-away)

If testing services aren't available close to you, you can simply collect your own fingerp...

Oxygrass WHEATGRASS (NEW in 2...

It's not so much the plant as its stage in growth. Oxygrass is harvested on the 8th day, j...

Lactose Intolerance DNA test

Lactose intolerance is common in the USA; indeed it is the norm outside of Northern Europe...

XeliacTest Pro

Almost one in a hundred of us is coeliac. While the genes (about 20% carry them) are no mo...

Respiratory Allergy

Tests for the top 10 respiratory allergens are only available in our professional test ran...

Underactive thyroid

Having an underactive thyroid is like going through life wearing a sumo-suit.

Food Intolerance Guide Book

This book was commissioned by CNS in the UK, who produce the Food Detective.