Oxygrass WHEATGRASS (NEW in 2015)

It's not so much the plant as its stage in growth. Oxygrass is harvested on the 8th day, just after the explosion in biochemical activity that transforms an inactive seed into an independent plant. Oxygrass is unique in being a whole-plant concentrate. The young root system contains a different enzyme and nutrient mix to the leafy parts. It takes almost 500g of raw wheatgrass plant to produce one 2 g sachet of Oxygrass. That's a lot of leaves and roots!

Wheatgrass is of course derived from wheat seeds. What makes it more interesting than wheat is the stage at which it is typically harvested - the 8th day. This is shortly after an explosion in biochemical activity that transforms the inactive seed into the combination of root system, stem and leaf system that characterize an independent plant. 

You can grow your own - visit greenvalu.ie for all the equipment you need, including the seeds (I buy from them too).

Or you can buy a concentrate. Oxygrass contains 500g of raw wheatgrass dried into each 2g sachet. 

Wheatgrass has a rich content of nutrients, amino acids and trace elements, but much of its modern popularity derives from its use as a superfood - a food with nutraceutical properties. It contains a wide variety of anti-oxidants and enzymes which guide the plant's transition during a very dynamic growth phase. Some of these promote growth, some promote control. Additionally, it is an alkaline raw vegetal food. Recent double-blind research studies have investigated its use in conditions like Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis and suggested there is measurable benefit from adding wheatgrass to the diet*

Oxygrass differs from most wheatgrass concentrates in that it is a whole-plant concentrate. The young root system contains a different enzyme and nutrient mix to the leafy parts. This is too good an asset to waste!

It is also produced aeroponically - a sustainable production method that offers the plant optimal conditions for growth. 

The generally accepted daily recommendation for wheatgrass is 4g of extract per day, equivalent to 2 sachets of Oxygrass. 

Each box contains 66 sachets. Each sachet shot-dose costs well under a Euro.

How does it taste? A bit green, but generally mild and smooth. If you've ever chewed on a fresh grass-stalk as a child, there's also a hint of that plant-sweetness.

* Note: Our Nutricentric approach to inflammatory conditions involves working on several fronts, with overhaul of the diet being central. We tend to allow a little leeway (once or twice a week, to be determined individually) provided the diet is 90% on target.