SlimDiet Stix for ketones

At a certain stage in a weight-loss or ketogenic diet, the body starts to use fat as an energy source. At this point, ketones are released into the blood and are ultimately also found in urine. SlimDiet Stix detect ketones. They change colour in line with the concentration of ketones in the urine. Simply compare the strip to the colour chart on the pack. Sold in packs of 25 strips
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When Atkins promoted his version of the ketogenic diet, there was considerable scepticism about the claimed benefits. In the intervening period, there is an accumulation of data showing its value as a treatment option in health conditions ranging from Type II diabetes to seizures.

The background is this. We are a dual fuel animal. Ultimately, the sun fuels the plants we eat, and therefore also the animals that feed on them.

Closer to home, we are a dual fuel machine. When carbohydrates are plentiful, we use glucose as our energy source and, with the help of insulin, squirrel away any surplus as fat. When carbohydrates are scarce, or when energy demands exceed the available glucose, we break down this stored fat. This can happen due following a calorie-restricted diet or with a ketogenic diet.

In the process, so-called ketone bodies are released, including acetoacetic acid. These can be used as fuel, but some also end up excreted in urine.

And that’s where the test strips come in. They detect acetoacetic acid. After dipping in urine, the test area on the strip changes colour. This is then compared to the shading scale on the pack.

The ketogenic diet involves restricting carbohydrate content, but the level of restriction required will differ from person to person and lifestyle to lifestyle. The strips will show when the critical point has been reached.

It has become common to carry out sporadic ketogenic dieting, simulating what nature and scarce winter resources would have forced  upon us in previous generations.

For more information on keto-diets, take a look at or at Diabetes UK’s excellent site.